How To Find The Best Safari Park

A Safari Park is very similar to a zoo with the exception of NO CAGES! Instead of the tourists walking around and looking at the animals, they drive their own vehicles around the park observing the animals, sometimes closer than you would expect as the animals have a tendency to come up to the vehicle to inspect the tourists who are watching them.

The types of animals that many tourists come to expect in such a park are Antelope, Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Rhino’s, Hippo’s and Zebra’s but if you look closely, you will get to see a lot, lot more.

Due to the natural habitat for many of the more popular wildlife, Africa has the original and still possibly the most popular Safari Parks, although the following dubai desert safari offers around the world offer a great selection of animals to film and observe:

Great Britain : Longleat, Windsor, Woburn, Blair Drummond, Knowsley, Bewdley

France : Thoiry (Réserve Africaine), Peaugres, Sigean, Saint-Vrain

Nederlands : Hilvarenbeek (Safari Beekse Bergen)

Germany : Stuckenbrock (Hollywood und Safaripark), Hodenhagen (Serengeti Park)

United States : Florida : Loxahatchee (Lion Country Safari) ; California : Irvine (Lion Country Safari), San Diego Wild Animal Park ; Texas : Grand Prairie (Lion Country Safari) ; Oregon : Winston (Wildlife Safari)

Canada : Ontario : Rockton (African Lion Safari) ; Quebec : Hemmingford (Parc Safari Africain)

Mexico : Puebla (Africam Safari)

Israel : Ramat-Gan

Africa alone has more than 14 Safari Parks, with some of the top Safari’s suggested here:

1) Tsavo East African safari – This is Kenya’s largest game sanctuary famed for its huge herds of elephants

2) Tsavo West African safari – volcanic lava flows, crystal clear springs fed and filtered by underground labyrinth of volcanic porous rocks

3) Amboseli Wildlife Park African safari – is in the shadows of Africa’s highest snow-capped mountain – Mt. Kilimanjaro

4) Naivasha Wildlife African safari – is the second biggest fresh water lake in Kenya, famed for yawning hippos making loud bleating sounds.

5) Maasai Mara Game Reserve Wildlife African safari – WORLD FAMOUS

6) Lake Victoria – is the lake that feeds the river Nile

7) Mt. Elgon – the Kitum caves are so large, they can fit 100 elephants in one go

8) Lake Bogoria – famous for it’s large flamingo population

9) Lake Nakuru – is a whetland heritage site with baboons, gazelles, impala and buffalo

10) Samburu African safari- famous for it’s wildlife and crocodiles

11) Samburu Game Reserve Tour – home of the gerenuk *giraffe antelope*

As expeditions of this nature tend to be lead by professional tourist guides and wildlife experts, this adventure is relatively safe.

So, if you are looking to go on Safari, do your research, find which country has the best climate for your favourite animals, check out internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, look at online videos and read reviews to see what other people thought about the various locations.

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